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More Machine Troubles!

Ok, so when I say troubles, I mean setbacks really.

I got the machine out of its case, but as you can see from the pictures that follow it needs a really good clean and service before it can be used. Which is a huge shame because it looks like a real workhorse.

It is stunning don’t you agree? I can’t wait to have it all cleaned up and ready to use. I will however have to find a good sewing machine service centre first as unfortunately there are none in the town where I live. 

I am still disappointed about Harry and Rosie not being finished, however I have yet another more pressing sewing problem. I have something special to make and finish in the next 24 hours. I can’t go into too much detail right now, but rest assured should I complete my mini mission in time I shall be singing from the rooftops before the bells tomorrow night!!

So, on that rather cryptic note, I leave you with some more pictures of the singer.



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A quick “Hello!”

Hello! I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

We had a lovely day and both Big and Little A were well and truly spoilt! However Harry and Rosie did not get to make their appearance due to more machine trouble.

However, my wonderful Dad has come to the rescue and I am now in possession of a pretty old singer which may just do the job perfectly – I shall however have to wit until later on today to find out!!

If I do get Harry and Rosie finished before Hogmanay, I promise you will be the first to know!!

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Cranberry Sauce

Ok, so here is the recipe for the cranberry sauce I mentioned in yesterday’s post. It really was super easy to make and tastes divine!


  • 400g  fresh cranberries
  • 1oog  caster sugar
  • 150ml  fresh orange juice
  • 20 – 50ml of gin ( add to taste)
  • 1 clove
  • ¼ – ½ nutmeg, grated very finely



  • Put all the cranberries, juice, gin, sugar and spices in the pan.
  • Stir well

  • Leave to simmer for about 15 – 20 mins until the cranberries start to burst.
  • Pop the lid on and simmer gently until the liquid has reduced, stirring frequently.

  • Remove from the heat and pour into sterilised jars.

  • Leave the jars until they are completely cool before putting the lids on. The sauce will set, but not to a jelly like consistency. However I prefer it like this.

Store this in the fridge and it will last well ( if it’s not all polished off in the first day or two!).  For eating with Christmas dinner, remove from the fridge and allow to come up to room temp before serving.

This is also gorgeous on goats cheese or brie paninis / ciabattas. Yum!!

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So, here it is. The first glimpse of Harry!!! I am so excited  – I can’t wait to see Big A’s face when he get’s him on Christmas morning!

Harry - well, almost!

All I have to do now is attach all the limbs and head to the body.  I think I will sew Rosie up tonight and stuff her and sew on her face. Then tomorrow night I can sit in comfort on the sofa and attach all the limbs etc to the bodies in one go as they will need to be sewn on by hand.

Rosie all marked out

Rosie cut & pinned

 I have decide to keep you all in suspenders though! Pictures of the finished Harry & Rosie will be posted on Boxing Day!!!!

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Picture it – me, sitting at the kitchen table, head in hands. Material and thread everywhere. Not a stitch done – and I mean that literally. I could have cried.

There I am sat at the table all ready to go. I needed to fill the bobbin and it took ages – the bit the bobbin goes on whilst filling kept springing off and resulted in a mass of tangled thread being frustratedly pulled off by me! Then, afer several attempts I finally got it done – only to then for the bottom thread not to pick up!

Parts were taken off, out, removed, put back in. Several times! It was no use and eventually after wracking my brains for a way to get Harry and Rosie done I admitted defeat, packed everything away and headed for the shower.

I have to say, I felt better after a shower and came downstairs with a (sort of) plan. I appealed on facebook groups I am on. I advertised on gumtree and freecycle. I decided to call the lovely ladies at the fabric shop in the morning to see if they could point me in the direction of somewhere that had a machine I could hire.

So after dropping Big A at school I beat a hasty retreat to the house where I got straight on the phone. No luck.

So resigned to the fact that it would be a new machine that was needed I set about looking at what was on offer. This was going tobe an expensive week!

I knew I wasn’t going to get anything done on the H & R front, so decided the best plan of action was to make the cranberry sauce for Saturday!  I will do a separate post in a bit with the recipe etc, but I can tell you that it’s gorgeous!

At lunchtime Mr A called  – he was sure his Gran had a machine and he would give her a quick call to find out. Very nice of him, only i’s information I could have used at 9pm last night!!! Luckily Gran came to the rescue and Mr A is off to collect it tonight.

So, all going well I will be back tomorrow with Harry and possibly Rosie to show you!

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Cut and Pinned!!!!!

Hooray! I have now got Harry cut and pinned ready for sewing and stuffing this evening once Big A and Little A are in bed.

I am actually very excited  – Rosie is tomorrows job and then I will be keeping them hidden until the big day on Saturday. My intention was to pop Harry & Rosie in the children’s stockings, however their stockings are smaller than I remember, so I am having to have a rethink on how to present them – I feel like wrapping them but am not sure if I really want to. I am it has to be said probably a much bigger child than the children are when it comes to Christmas!!!

So, check back tomorrow for pictures of a sewn and stuffed Harry and a cut and pinned Rosie!

All drawn out ready for cutting

Cut and Pinned!

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