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Busy, Busy!!

I’ve not had much chance of late to post, so just a quick one from me for now!

Harry and Rosie are almost finished – just a wee bit left to do and they are done!!! I shall of course be letting everyone know the moment they are ready!

I have also spent the whole weekend re-decorating Big & Little A’s bedrooms. That meant a decamp of the we A’s to grandparents and a whole lot of work on our part as not only were they redecorated, but they swapped rooms too. I almost have the house back to normal with the exception of Big A’s extensive book collection, which Mr A is fashioning a special shelf for this comming weekend.

There is a solar system mural to draw and paint on Big A’s wall and a toadstool an fairy mural to draw and paint on Little A’s wall. Then curtains to make for both rooms and I will be done.

I may now be in massive pain seeing as it was just me doing the painting ( bacause of a combo of Mr A working and being the worlds worst painter – ever!), but it is more than worth it to see the smiles on the faces of my 2 gorgeous wee stars.

I shall be back with photos of thev murals in the next week or so, so don’t go away for too long!


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