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Introducing Jock!

Well, first things first – Happy New Year!

This is the first real chance I have had to come on and upload the pictures of that wee surprise I was telling you about.

His name is Jock. He is a bear made from an exclusive tartan that represents my home town. My Dad was born there. He has lived and worked there all of his life. So, it seemed only fitting that I make this bear for his 61st Birthday on Hogmanay 2010.

Jock was named by my Dad and took less than 24  very hectic hours to make .  I am very, very happy with him and think he turned out rather well – even if I do say so myself!!

Dad reads my blog from time to time, so I’d love to hear what you think so he can have a wee look at what the world thinks of his very special bear.

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Introducing Jock………

And in his new home….


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A quick “Hello!”

Hello! I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

We had a lovely day and both Big and Little A were well and truly spoilt! However Harry and Rosie did not get to make their appearance due to more machine trouble.

However, my wonderful Dad has come to the rescue and I am now in possession of a pretty old singer which may just do the job perfectly – I shall however have to wit until later on today to find out!!

If I do get Harry and Rosie finished before Hogmanay, I promise you will be the first to know!!

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So, here it is. The first glimpse of Harry!!! I am so excited  – I can’t wait to see Big A’s face when he get’s him on Christmas morning!

Harry - well, almost!

All I have to do now is attach all the limbs and head to the body.  I think I will sew Rosie up tonight and stuff her and sew on her face. Then tomorrow night I can sit in comfort on the sofa and attach all the limbs etc to the bodies in one go as they will need to be sewn on by hand.

Rosie all marked out

Rosie cut & pinned

 I have decide to keep you all in suspenders though! Pictures of the finished Harry & Rosie will be posted on Boxing Day!!!!

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Cut and Pinned!!!!!

Hooray! I have now got Harry cut and pinned ready for sewing and stuffing this evening once Big A and Little A are in bed.

I am actually very excited  – Rosie is tomorrows job and then I will be keeping them hidden until the big day on Saturday. My intention was to pop Harry & Rosie in the children’s stockings, however their stockings are smaller than I remember, so I am having to have a rethink on how to present them – I feel like wrapping them but am not sure if I really want to. I am it has to be said probably a much bigger child than the children are when it comes to Christmas!!!

So, check back tomorrow for pictures of a sewn and stuffed Harry and a cut and pinned Rosie!

All drawn out ready for cutting

Cut and Pinned!

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Collecting Leaves

The school has been off for the tattie holidays for the last couple of weeks. Last week Big A went on his ‘holidays’ to my parents, this week Mr A has been off work and we have done various activities with the children. But Wednesday was a perfect day.

It was so cold, about 4 or 5 deg C, but beautifully sunny and dry so was the perfect day for collecting leaves to use for crafts at a later date.  There isn’t much explanation needed, as the pictures say it all.

It started to get to that point where it’s just too cold, so we decided that we had enough leaves ( both children’s backpacks were full!) and we walked back to my parents house via the train station – which pleased Big A very much!

And although it was a Wednesday, it felt very much like a lazy Sunday afternoon. So now all we have to do is make our leaf prints and leaf collages and we are done!

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Practice, practice, practice!

So, I thought it was about time that I make a proper start on Harry and Rosie the stars of the show!!

Whilst Big A was away at my parents for a couple of days and Little A was napping I decided it was time to bite the bullet and just go for it! And the result wasn’t to shabby  – for a first attempt at making a stuffed toy!

An old pair of curtains and a fair bit of mess later and I had all the parts of the practice bear made and stuffed and this was the result ( minus the ears which I forgot to do!):

 His feet are a bit odd because I was experimenting with how best to stuff and sew them. But, I did get his legs attached – not great I have to admit, but they are on! Eyes and nose are currently drawn on, however on Harry and Rosie they will be embroidered on.


The only thing I am concerned about really is the size – I am going to make the finished Harry and Rosie bigger, so Mr A was sent off to work yesterday morning with a pile of patterns to enlarge on the photocopier! They look much better now though and am pleased with the size – so much so I already have several in mind for presents and having seen the practice bear also have several requests!

What have I gotten myself into?


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Home Made and Hand Printed! (The finished article)

As promised, here is a picture of the finished picture. I love it!

The photo is not great – an unfortunate combination of a dull day, glass in the frame, peralised wallpaper and a picture on the wall directly opposite means I had to get fairly close, but stand at the side so that you couldn’t see my reflection!

I will try and get a better photo pn a brighter day and pop it in here too.

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