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Busy, Busy!!

I’ve not had much chance of late to post, so just a quick one from me for now!

Harry and Rosie are almost finished – just a wee bit left to do and they are done!!! I shall of course be letting everyone know the moment they are ready!

I have also spent the whole weekend re-decorating Big & Little A’s bedrooms. That meant a decamp of the we A’s to grandparents and a whole lot of work on our part as not only were they redecorated, but they swapped rooms too. I almost have the house back to normal with the exception of Big A’s extensive book collection, which Mr A is fashioning a special shelf for this comming weekend.

There is a solar system mural to draw and paint on Big A’s wall and a toadstool an fairy mural to draw and paint on Little A’s wall. Then curtains to make for both rooms and I will be done.

I may now be in massive pain seeing as it was just me doing the painting ( bacause of a combo of Mr A working and being the worlds worst painter – ever!), but it is more than worth it to see the smiles on the faces of my 2 gorgeous wee stars.

I shall be back with photos of thev murals in the next week or so, so don’t go away for too long!


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It’s A Mince & Tatties Kind Of Day!

It really is a mince & tatties kind of day – cold, dull and really, really snowy! As I type this there is a fresh flurry of snow falling on our previous 9 inches! It was so deep poor Little A was up to her knees earlier and Big A was not too far behind!!! Luckily the tractor had just arrived to dig us out!

So here it is, my mince and tatties recipe:


850g  lean beef mince
1 white onion roughly diced
2-3 carrots peeled and diced
Peas – as much or as little as you like
Beef gravy – your own, fresh shop bought or bisto


Pop the onions and carrots in a pan with a wee bit of (olive) oil. Cook gently until onions have softened.
Add mince and cook through gently.
Add gravy and then add peas.

Make the tatties – it’s just mashed potato!
Peel and boil enough tatties for however many you are feeding.
Cut and boil.
Drain once cooked through and mash.
Add milk, butter, salt and pepper to taste.

I plate them side by side and most people i know make a ‘dogs dinner’ – mix it all up and eat with a fork!

We like brown (HP) sauce and fruity (HP) sauce with ours. I have seen the odd person ( very odd) have red sauce, but that really is sacrilege!!!

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A Surprise Day at the Zoo

As it’s the last weekend of the summer holidays, we decided that today was the perfect day for a trip to the zoo. Big A had asked at the start of the holidays if we could take him ,but as usual things always cropped up at the weekend – a birthday, a wedding, work – but today was set aside so we could have our family day out.

The thing is we hadn’t actually told Big A that that was where we were off to. So when he asked if we could do something fun last night I made my appologies and said that mummy and daddy had shopping to do and might not have time for anything else. He was a bit disapointed, but went to bed and was happy.

He had told me a while ago that he was saving one of his shirts for when he went to the zoo so he could look like a keeper. After breakfast and showers we got his clothes out and wondered if he would click – nope, not a clue!

So after packing the picnic we set off and we had kept up the pretence of going shopping – all the way – all 45 miles – but as we drove past the main gates I couldn’t keep it in any longer and told him that as a surprise we were going to the zoo. A huge grin spread across his little face and revealed a toothy smile.

As soon as we got in we found a lovely spot in front of the mansion house and sat and had our picnic. Little A, being her first picnic, kept wandering off, not really having the hang of the eating outdoors on the grass thing yet!!

Mr A went back to the cra with the rather large picnic bag and we went to find a good spot ready for the Penguin Parade. Big A and Little A were very excited to have a path side spot and I wasn’t wholey unsure that little wasn’t going to reach out to try and pet one!! But, both were very restrained and Little A was definatley in awe!

So, after trips to every animal enclosure and lots of enjoyment watching Chimps, Monkeys, Lions and Tigers, Koalas and Birds, Hippos and Kangaroos we made our way home.

Who knew that you could spend 5 hrs looking at animals and not notice the time go by! Both Big A and Little A fell asleep for the 60 minuite journey home and are now, finally after a sudden burst of bed time energy are fast asleep, hopefully having lovely dreams of their surprise trip to the zoo.

Penguin Parade


Big A and Little A


P.s Work will start on Harry and Rosie in the next few days – promise!!!!

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Not a happy bunny!

So the washing machine decided to stop working properly on Monday afternoon. It did the first load fine, then the second load came out covered in dirty greasy marks – so a whole load ruined. Spent all afternoon on the phone to the manufacturer as we only bought it in Feburary!! Apparently they are only responsable for fixing the machine, not reimbursing for the laundry. So now have to wait until Monday for the engineer and then send his report to the retailer to try to claim from them – what a faf!!

I also made no plans for today because the weather forecast said it would be wet here today – which was right – until 10 am and the sun came out! At least big and little A can go out in the garden 🙂

And I guess the bonus is that when little A goes for her nap I can get that sewing machine out of the box………………….

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