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Thinking of you Grandad

I really wanted to post this yesterday, but every time i tried I couldn’t see the screen for tears. 

Yesterday was my wonderful Grandad’s 78th Birthday. He was the nicest Grandad anyone could ever want. Happy, jolly, funny – he had a wicked sense of humor!

He loved his football, he loved feeding the birds and he loved the Simpsons! He loved his new flat and he always loved my Nan – he loved her every single  day since they met until  the day he passed away. Nan passed away 20 yrs ago this year.

So here is a poem I read at his funeral I’d like to share it to remember my wonderful Grandad. It’s bee 18 months now and we miss him so much. x


Thinking Of You Grandad

Thinking of you Grandad,
But nothing that is new.
We thought about you yesterday,
And the day before that too.

We’ll think of you tomorrow,
And as the years come and go.
We’ll think of you forever,
Because we love you so.

God saw you getting weary,
A cure was not to be.
So he put his arms around you and whispered “come with me”.

Your nature was loving and giving,
Your heart was made of gold.
And for those of us who loved you,
Our memories will not grow old.

Your voyage had been long,
But you ‘ve reached your golden shore.
Where your ship is now at anchor,
And you’ll dance with Nan once more.

If you were here to see us,
That would be our only wish.
To hear your hearty chuckle,
That’s what we’ll really miss.

We don’t often ask for miracles, and today just one would do.
To see that door open and watch you walking through.

We miss your smile, your cheery way.
We miss the things you used to say.
The happy times that we recall,
That’s when we miss you most of all.

We won’t say goodbye Grandad,
But goodnight and sleep tight.



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Sewing Woe!

When I posted the ‘Song for a Fifth Child’ poem, it really made me want a framed copy of it for my wall, so I decided to embrioder it. A lovely idea only I havn’t actually done any embroidery before!!

So, a lovely friend of mine made the pattern up for me and equiptment purchaced I started to embrioder.  It’s actually very relaxing and up until recently was going well. I have been a bit ill this week and decided to do a wee bit while sitting in front of the tv the night before last. I was feeling very pleased with myself until I took the hoop off to move it and saw that the line is off center, making it look very odd indeed and I will now have to unpick it!!

Anyway, here is an ‘in progress’ picture taken before I did the dodgy line! I will sit and unpic the line tonight and get going again, hopefully with a new progress picture for you soon!

My christmas present to myself…….

In Progress

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Collecting Conkers

After a bit of a lie in we decided to have a lazy sunday afternoon. After breakfast we all sat in our pj’s watching Cloudy ith a Chance of Meatballs. The kids loved it Especially Big A who said he’d love for it to rain food!!

But there was no rain here today. It really was a beautiful, fresh, sunny  autumn day. Clear blue skies, warm with only a wee chill in the air. A perfect day to collect conkers.

Mr A took us to a lovely spot where he used to go as a child and we had a great time. Even Little A was right in there pivking the conkers out of their shells and popping them in the bag! We have collected a fair amount and so far have decided on conkers on a string for Big A and a conker necklace for Little A.

A fabulous way to spen Sunday afternoon with the family. We are on a promise to go back in a couple of weeks when the acorns will be ready!

Little A, Mummy & Big A

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It’s been a wee while

It’s been a wee while since my last post, we have been busy what seems like every day for the last month and it shows no sign of slowing down what with christmas fast aproaching!

Harry and Rosie are sort of (!) in progress, and I will try and get a picture up as soon as I can. I have a funny feeling they will however end up in the stockings of Big A and Little A!!

However, seeing as christmas is comming I seem to be spending an awful lot of time thinking about that! I want a home made christmas this year. I just love the thought of making lots of lovely goodies and seeing them all packaged and wraped up nicely.

So, from now until just before christmas, each post will be an idea for a home made christmas and will have instructions ( and if sucessful pictures, lol) for you to try too. x

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