About Harry & Rosie

Harry and Rosie don’t actually exist – yet!! They are currently a pile of fresh drawn patterns on the kitchen side.

Harry –  my 6 yr old son wanted a new teddy bear, and he wanted me to make it. He also asked if I could make a toy for his little sister (2). Not wanting her to have the same though a cat was requested.

I gave him the chance to choose the fabric in which his bear was to be made, and whilst deciding on a wet wednesday afternoon the two creatures were named. Harry and Rosie.

So this is the story of Harry the bear and Rosie the cat – neither of which is anything more than a pattern and a pile of material right now. Fingers crossed they work, as my sewing skills are….well….not fabulous – but not bad either. Above average. However my sewing skills are usually relegated to curtains and costumes for school plays.

We shall see how it goes and hopefully there will be 2 cute creatures to introduce to you very soon!


2 responses to “About Harry & Rosie

  1. pen

    Hi nice blog – it may be easier for folk to just follow you via blogger button?

  2. Pen, thanks – but blogger buttons are not available for wordpress – but you can sign up to email alerts using the button on the right of the blog 🙂

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